Cooling System

cooling systemNothing spells out danger like bellows of smoke rising out from under the hood. Everything could be fine as you’re driving along, and then your car decides to overheat on you out of nowhere. Now you are stuck on the side of the road, hoping nothing major was damaged. Thankfully for you, you remembered that the experts at Curry Truck & Auto fix overheating issues all the time. It’s time to give them a call and get this overheating issue resolved right away. Come in to any of our three locations at Tamiami Trail, Seaboard, or Rich Street Truck Center for any and all overheating issues.

Prevent Overheating South Venice FL

Your cooling system is the number one reason your vehicle is not overheating at this moment. That being said, you might be on this page since your vehicle is overheating. Coolant is used to prevent overheating your vehicle. The coolant flows throughout the engine, absorbing excess heat. At this point, the coolant is boiling but is then circulated through the radiator via the water pump, where it is then cooled by the fresh air being pulled in by the cooling fan. Once the coolant is cooled to the appropriate temperature, determined by the thermostat, it is cycled through the engine again. Overheating is caused by any of these parts not working correctly. See our expert staff today if your temperature gauge seems to be running hot, and we will diagnose why.

Cooling System Service South Venice FL

To ensure your engine stays cool and prevents overheating, the thermostat, water pump, and cooling fan need to be working at top performance levels. The radiator and hoses must also remain sealed and void of any cracks or leaks. If the system has a leak, that can rapidly increase the chances of the engine overheating. It is recommended that you bring your vehicle in for a proper cooling system inspection to prevent your vehicle’s engine from overheating. At Curry Truck & Auto in South Venice, FL, we are the pros and are equipped to find even the smallest of leaks to ensure that your cooling system is functioning properly.

Cooling System Specialists

We are the cooling system specialists of South Venice FL. Our main goal is to help the community by providing reliable automotive repairs and preventative maintenance to ensure those repairs last. Suppose you are looking for someone to inspect or repair your vehicle’s cooling system. Look no further. Curry Truck & Auto at Tamiami Trail, Seaboard, and Rich Street Truck Center in South Venice FL has you covered.


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