AC Repair & Service

ac repair and serviceOur focus here at Curry Truck & Auto is to ensure our drivers are comfortable and safe while on the road. We achieve this by offering the best automotive repair service in the area. At no point during the year should you be uncomfortable while driving your vehicle, especially when your AC system is working properly year-round. We are the automotive AC and heating experts in town and can ensure your AC system is always working properly. Stop by the store or give us a call today if your AC is not working as it should.

Auto AC & Heating Repair South Venice FL

Your AC system consists of the evaporator core, expansion valve, condenser, compressor, receiver drier, and some hoses. Over time these parts can wear down and eventually stop working. The AC system uses refrigerant, which is manipulated to change states from a liquid to a gas, to cool the air blowing in your face. If any of these parts malfunction, it will cause the AC system of your vehicle not to work properly. When this happens, instead of driving around uncomfortable, bring your vehicle to one of our Curry Truck & Auto locations at Tamiami Trail, Seaboard, or Rich Street Truck Center in South Venice, FL.

Signs Your AC Needs Repair South Venice FL

Other than your AC being on full blast and only hot air coming out, there are other signs to watch out for that indicate your AC needs repair.

Some of the more distinctive signs of a failing AC system are:

  • A foul smell emanating from the vents
  • Moisture in the vents
  • Strange noises when the AC is turned on
  • A weak stream of air
  • & a few others

If you experience any of these signs, we recommend you bring your vehicle in for an AC inspection. During this inspection, we will perform an in-depth diagnostic of the AC system to determine the issue. Our highly trained technicians will offer the solution needed to fix the problem right the first time.

Make An Appointment

Make an appointment online, visit us at our Tamiami Trail, Seaboard, or Rich Street Truck Center locations, or give us a call if you are ever in need of some AC repairs. There is no better choice in South Venice FL, for all your AC repair needs than Curry Truck & Auto. Anything from a simple AC recharge or completely replacing your vehicle’s AC compressor, no job is too big for our team. Let us keep you comfortable all year round by ensuring your vehicle is climate-controlled, no matter the weather outside.


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